Spokesman says White House was candid with information about how bad Gulf oil spill could be

White House says it didn’t withhold oil spill info

Bill Clinton says US aid coming to Haiti, criticizes donor delays in meeting pledges

Bill Clinton lobbies for earthquake aid to Haiti

Panel: White House blocked scientists release of worst-case spill numbers after BP disaster

Panel: Gov’t blocked scientists on spill estimate

Panel: White House blocked public release of worst-case spill numbers

Panel: Gov’t thwarted worst-case scenario on spill

Obama urged to seek spill penalties to pay for Gulf coast restoration, help states after spill

Obama endorses using fines for Gulf rehabilitation

APNewsBreak: Congressman says BP, Obama administration discussing oil spill fine settlement

APNewsBreak: BP, feds in talks over spill fines

AP IMPACT: US pledged $1.15B to rebuild Haiti; 6 months later, none of it has arrived

AP IMPACT: Haiti still waiting for pledged US aid

Obama urged to seek spill penalties to pay for Gulf coast restoration after oil spill

Obama urged to use spill fines to restore Gulf

About 100 people arrested in front of White House while protesting mountaintop mining

About 100 arrested in DC mountaintop mining rally

Investigators probing delay in shutting down Calif. pipe to check if PG&E followed procedures

Feds probe time it took to shut down gas pipe

AP ENTERPRISE: News monitor, anti-Palin group among those landing US Gulf spill contracts

Sarah Palin

Transcript of President Barack Obama’s remarks at Xavier University in New Orleans

Barack Obama

AP Enterprise: BP, US government bound by spill response; how do feds investigate partner?

President Barack Obama hosts a press conference

US ending an easy path to oil riches in announcing tougher scrutiny of deepwater drilling

US is toughening scrutiny of deepwater drilling

Interior halts exemptions from environmental reviews for deepwater drilling

Interior halts deepwater environmental exemptions

Fire extinguished after forcing evacuation of downtown DC hotels near White House

Fire in front of downtown DC hotels extinguished

Flames from underground electrical fire force evacuation of DC hotels near White House

Downtown DC hotels evacuated for electrical fire

Calls to lift US ban on deep-sea drilling gaining momentum with BP’s well nearly plugged

With BP spill under control, US looks at drill ban

Survivors of Alaska plane crash that killed former Sen. Stevens spent cold night amid wreckage

Cold night crept by after crash killed Stevens

Survivors of Alaska plane crash spent cold night amid wreckage before authorities arrived

Survivors of Alaska plane crash spent cold night

Alaska Sen. Stevens called Internet ’series of tubes,’ but was ‘Uncle Ted’ to constituents

Senator delivered billions for Alaska’s future

Former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens found dead in plane wreckage in remote part of home state

Former Alaska Sen. Stevens dies in plane crash

Plane crashes in Alaska, kills former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan
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White House monitoring Alaska plane crash, no knowledge of Stevens’ condition

White House: No knowledge of Stevens’ condition

Official: military rescuers have arrived at the scene of southwest Alaska plane crash

Rescuers arrive to help Alaska plane crash victims

Plane possibly carrying ex-Sen. Stevens crashes in Alaska, killing 5; Stevens’ fate unknown

Plane, possibly with ex-senator aboard, crashes

Plane carrying ex-Sen. Ted Stevens crashes in Alaska, killing 5 people; Stevens’ fate unknown

Plane, possibly with ex-Alaska senator, , crashes

US official: former Sen. Ted Stevens may have been aboard crashed plane in Alaska

Official: Stevens believed aboard crashed airplane

White House presses BP execs on payment of claims, seeks to demonstrate commitment to Gulf

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

BP chief executive Dudley meeting with top White House officials on Gulf recovery

BP chief to meet with top WH officials

WASHINGTON — BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley is meeting with top administration officials at the White House Monday to discuss environmental and economic recovery in the Gulf.

Environmental group says large farms would benefit from disaster aid pushed by Ark. senator

Report: Large farms benefit from Ark. sen.’s plan

Feds say oil mostly gone from Gulf spill, but some scientists say that’s mostly guesswork

Barack Obama
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White House: BP had to be pushed on oil cleanup, no one owes BP executive Hayward an apology

White House: BP had to be pushed on oil cleanup

Obama administration officials voice ‘high confidence’ Gulf spill will soon be over


BP says mud pumped into well in Gulf is holding down the oil; feds say most of oil is gone

U.S. President Barack Obama joins Martha Coakley
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Wake held for mother, 4 children found dead in murder-suicide at burning NYC home

Wake held for family killed in NYC murder-suicide

Obama declares promise to end combat role in Iraq is coming ‘as promised and on schedule’

US President Barack Obama

Hundreds of thousands without power in Washington area after storm rips through; 4 dead

Power outages hit Mid-Atlantic after storm; 4 dead

Pentagon scrambles to assess damage done by massive leak of classified battlefield reports