Bridge collapse, construction woes, disease fears put New Delhi’s Commonwealth Games at risk

Commonwealth Games at risk with under 2 weeks left

State officials: 4,000 infected, 9 dead from whooping cough in California as infections rise

Calif. whooping cough: 9 dead, infections on rise

Cholera strikes West Africa as heavy rains carry disease throughout villages, killing hundreds

Cholera stalks West Africa as rains spread disease

Official: Scientist detained at Miami airport once charged with transporting bubonic plague

Man in Miami scare once accused of hauling plague

NYPD officer accused of refusing to help 11-year-old girl dying of asthma attack is suspended

NY cop accused of not aiding dying girl, suspended

Flood-stricken Pakistani families risk losing their children to waterborne disease

Millions of Pakistani kids risk waterborne disease

Health Ministry: Cholera epidemic in Nigeria, which has killed 352, threatens entire country

Nigeria: Cholera epidemic death toll rises to 352

UN says 800,000 flood victims in Pakistan only reachable by air, says 40 more choppers needed

Asif Ali Zardari elected as
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Pakistan PM says medical system badly hit by floods; country bracing for disease outbreaks

Asif Ali Zardari

Pakistani president says recovering from devastating floods will take at least 3 years

Asif Ali Zardari elected as
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Cholera surfaces in flood-hit Pakistan, as fresh deluges threaten new parts of the south

Asif Ali Zardari
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Cholera surfaces in flood-ravaged Pakistan as new water surges hit the south

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

Disease threatens to raise death toll in Pakistani flood crisis; UN fears dams could burst

Asif Ali Zardari

Recalls this week include toy campsites, truffle puree

Recalls this week: Toy campsites, truffle puree

Pakistani medical teams race to prevent disease outbreak after worst floods in history

Risk of disease rises amid deadly Pakistan floods

Rabies epidemic hits tourist haven of Bali; govt short on vaccines, kills 200,000 dogs

Rabid dogs roam holiday hotspot, kill at least 78

Flooded Dominican Republic communities on alert for deadly dengue, leptospirosis outbreaks

Flooded Dominican towns fight disease outbreaks

Hemorrhagic variant of dengue fever rising in Mexico, moving closer to US border after floods

Mexico worried by rise in hemorrhagic dengue

Dengue epidemic threatens Caribbean as number of infections and deaths increase

Dengue epidemic threatens Caribbean, kills dozens

Thunderstorm cuts short star-studded opening of flashy Austrian AIDS gala

Bill Clinton

AP IMPACT: 40 million doses of expired swine flu vaccine to be burned; $260 million lost

AP IMPACT: Millions of vaccine doses to be burned

China, US open Shanghai field epidemiology center, to train disease sleuths, boost prevention

China, US open disease study center in Shanghai

Overexposed: US leads the world in radiation from medical tests, raising cancer concern

Americans get most radiation from medical scans

United Nations considering de-listing names from Taliban, al-Qaida sanctions list

UN reviewing Taliban, al-Qaida sanctions list

UN committee reviewing names on sanctions list of those linked to Taliban, terrorist networks

UN reviewing Taliban, al-Qaida blacklist

KABUL, Afghanistan — The U.N. committee that monitors sanctions against al-Qaida and the Taliban is reviewing 137 names on the travel and financial “blacklist” as part of a campaign to reach out to insurgents willing to reconcile with the government, the top U.N. representative said Saturday.

5 Afghan police, 2 NATO servicemen killed by roadside blasts in Afghanistan

5 Afghan police, 2 NATO servicemen die in blasts

5 Afghan police, NATO serviceman killed by roadside blasts in Afghanistan

5 Afghan police, NATO serviceman die in blasts

Official: 5 Afghan policemen killed by roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan

Official: 5 Afghan policemen die in blast

KABUL, Afghanistan — Five Afghan police have been killed by a roadside bomb in the southern province of Kandahar.

Malaria cases shoot up in Venezuela, epidemic grips region where miners venture into jungle

Malaria epidemic hits southern Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela — Malaria cases have doubled in Venezuela so far this year as health officials confront an epidemic in a vast southern region where wildcat gold miners are often infected in remote jungle camps.

Some Gulf oil spill workers encountering breathing problems, nausea, headaches; cause probed

Gulf spill workers complaining of flulike symptoms

Official: Diphtheria kills 15-year-old, but no sign respiratory disease is spreading in Haiti

Health official: No sign of Haiti diphtheria spike

Bangladesh world leader in lifesaving diarrhea remedy; millions continue to die globally

Poor man’s Gatorade saves Bangladeshi kids

Swine flu provides test run for next epidemic, but Mexicans grappling with its lessons

1 year after swine flu, Mexicans split on response

Cancun, Mexico’s spring break king, recovers from swine flu, drug violence’s blow to tourism

Mexico’s spring break king rebounds

CANCUN, Mexico — Mexico’s spring break king — Cancun — is rebounding quickly from last year’s triple blow to its tourism industry caused by the country’s swine flu epidemic, drug violence and a global economic crisis.

Puerto Rico health officials declare dengue epidemic, fear repeat of 2007’s large outbreak

Puerto Rico declares epidemic of dengue fever

Red Cross president Gail McGovern has cancer; diagnosis came a day after Haiti earthquake

Red Cross president Gail McGovern has cancer

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Is the US swine flu epidemic over? It looks that way, but feds aren’t prepared to say so yet

Is the US swine flu epidemic over?

ATLANTA — If the U.S. swine flu epidemic isn’t over, it certainly looks as if it’s on its last legs.

Swine flu cases at a low level for weeks, leading some experts to suggest epidemic is over

US swine flu epidemic shows signs of being over

Pa. wants last Centralia holdouts gone as town’s coal mine fire, ignited in 1962, smolders on

Few remain as 1962 Pa. coal town fire still burns

Aid group flies child quake victims to US hospital, avoiding government logjam

Haitian child quake victims flown to US for care

Relief workers in Haiti hand out ‘women only’ aid coupons in new distribution strategy

Haiti workers hand out ‘women-only’ aid coupons

Desperation grows in Haiti, officials worry about santitation as well as food, water, shelter

Latrines join food, water on Haiti’s crisis list

Basic medicines running out as doctors, aid groups treat Haiti’s thousands of sick and injured

Medicine running out at Haiti hospitals, clinics

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