A lesson in forgiveness: Shark attack survivors say save the creatures that bit us

Shark attack survivors don’t forget but do forgive

Fed scientists planning more sea turtle releases in Gulf, studies of long-term spill effects

Feds plan more sea turtle releases in Gulf

Government report: Microbes are eating BP oil without creating oxygen-starved ‘dead zones’

Microbes are eating BP oil without using up oxygen

Warming-related drought leads to decline in plant growth, reversing earlier trend

Plant growth declines as warming causes drought

HEALTHBEAT: Intense testing under way to assure safety of Gulf seafood following oil spill

‘CSI’ for seafood: Gulf fish gets safety tests

Scientists watching Gulf of Mexico’s blue crabs for evidence that oil is entering food chain

Oiled crabs stoke fears spill is tainting food web

With or without BP, Florida naturalist copies lesson from Noah’s Ark to save Gulf species

Biologist using Noah’s Ark idea to save sea life

Government pays farmers to create habitats for birds whose grounds are threatened by oil

Feds, farmers create habitats for migrating birds

Scientists discover oil blotches on tiny blue crab larvae in Gulf of Mexico, source uncertain

Scientists find oil blotches on Gulf crab larvae

Study will look at oil spill’s effects on whales, other endangered species in the Gulf

Study will look at oil spill’s effect on whales

World’s biggest fish, threatened whale sharks, spotted swimming in heavy oil in Gulf of Mexico

Threatened whale sharks seen in Gulf oil spill

Oil threatens key Gulf algae that provides foraging, nesting grounds for hundreds of species

Oil threatens key Gulf algae and its ecosystem

Fish and other wildlife flee oil, congregate near shore; scientists say new dangers await them

Sea creatures flee oil spill, gather near shore

New oil spill estimates means crude likely to travel farther, harm wildlife, scientists say

Protesters rally outside the White House

Biologist: New oil spill flow numbers may quadruple environmental consequences in the Gulf

US President Barack Obama
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Rescuers call caring for oiled wildlife the right thing to do, even if critics say it’s futile

Rescuing oiled birds: Poignant, but is it futile?

Centennial of birth of Jacques Cousteau, pioneer marine explorer, marked by ship restoration

Cousteau’s spirit to live on in centennial events

Study: South Pacific coral islands hold size or grow despite sea-level rise over past 60 years

Study: Coral atolls hold on despite sea-level rise

Scientists warn of an unseen disaster in the Gulf as oil plumes stretch through the depths

Scientists warn of unseen deepwater oil disaster

As oil washes through mysterious depths, scientists warn of unseen calamity

Deepwater mystery: Oil loose in the Gulf

NEW ORLEANS — Streaming video of oil pouring from the seafloor and images of dead, crude-soaked birds serve as visual bookends to the natural calamity unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico.

Bad news: Radioactive fish found near Vt. nuclear plant; Worse news: Fish said to be ordinary

Radioactive fish near Vt. nuke plant deemed common

Bad news: radioactive fish found near nuclear plant; Worse news: fish said to be ordinary

Radioactive fish near nuclear plant said ordinary

Deep sea oil plumes, chemical dispersants pose risks for the Gulf’s coral reefs, food chain

Deep sea oil plumes, dispersants endanger reefs

Inferno on the Gulf: ‘This is the real deal!’; for survivors, a night of horror and sorrow

Inferno on the Gulf: Witnesses recount rig blast

Gulf of Mexico threatens ‘Mediterranean of the Americas,’ environmental melting pot of species

Gulf spill taints ‘Mediterranean of the Americas’

Study: Doctors use 1 man’s genetic sequence to predict his disease risk and response to drugs

Doctors use gene sequence to predict health risks

Killer whale pod attacks gray whale in Puget Sound in view of whale-watching boat

Orcas seen in rare Puget Sound gray whale attack

British study says toads hopped away from breeding site days before deadly Italian earthquake

Study suggests toads can detect coming earthquakes

India, with a billion mouths to feed, shies away from genetically modified crops

A hungry India balks at genetically modified crops

Researchers study whether humpback whales dampen recovery of Prince William Sound herring

Researchers target whales in herring loss study

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