Hungarian Science Academy says heavy metal content of sludge well below danger levels

Scientists say heavy metal in sludge not dangerous

Hungary says toxic red sludge has reached the Danube but no immediate damage seen yet

Hungary: Toxic red sludge has reached the Danube

Baby dies after monkey, possibly attracted by female pet, snatches it from Malaysian home

Baby dies after monkey snatches it from M’sia home

Anti-whaling activists trade claims over sinking of protest boat in Japanese whaler collision

Sea Shepherd, whaling protester in NZ public spat

Battle-tested turtles most frequent survivors of summer’s oil spill in Michigan river

Turtles most affected animal from Mich. oil spill

Toxic red sludge from plant floods towns in western Hungary called an ‘ecological disaster’

Hungary sludge flood called ‘ecological disaster’

Explosions kill at least 7 near ceremony to mark Nigeria’s 50th independence after threat

Explosions kill at least 7 near Nigeria ceremony

7 elephants killed by speeding train; environment minister calls on railway authorities to act

7 elephants killed in India by speeding train

Colombia says killing of No. 2 commander worst blow ever to FARC rebels

Colombia: death of feared No. 2 rebel a watershed

Speeding freight train hits herd of elephants, killing 7 in dense forest in eastern India

Speeding train kills 7 elephants in eastern India

Gulf Coast counts on tourism boost from newly announced fall fishing season for red snapper

Gulf Coast eyes tourism boost from fall fishing

A slow-moving monster: North Dakota lake fills with water, swallows land and buildings

North Dakota lake swallows land and buildings

Bleaching of Caribbean corals could surpass record loss of color set in 2005, experts say

Experts: Caribbean corals could face record bleach

Well’s official death marks milestone, as Gulf assesses harm and looks ahead

The well is dead, but Gulf challenges live on

AP Analysis: Gov’t approval of drilling permits in Gulf’s shallow waters slows dramatically

New rules slow Gulf drilling pace in shallow water

A lesson in forgiveness: Shark attack survivors say save the creatures that bit us

Shark attack survivors don’t forget but do forgive

AP ENTERPRISE: News monitor, anti-Palin group among those landing US Gulf spill contracts

Sarah Palin

Fed scientists planning more sea turtle releases in Gulf, studies of long-term spill effects

Feds plan more sea turtle releases in Gulf

Turtle egg rescue at space center billed success:15,000 oil spill hatchlings freed in Atlantic

Turtle egg rescue at space center billed success

Authorities: 92 structures destroyed in Colo. wildfire that forced residents to make mad dash

Authorities: 92 structures destroyed in Colo. fire

Authorities: Colorado wildfire destroys 92 structures; no portion of blaze contained

Colorado wildfire destroys 92 structures

BOULDER, Colo. — Authorities say a wildfire burning near Boulder, Colo., has destroyed at least 92 structures and damaged another eight, but it’s not clear how many of them are homes.

Colorado wildfire fire forced residents to make mad dash to safety as it tore through forest

Colorado fire forced residents to make mad dash

Mother of Ohio bear attack victim writes governor in support of statewide exotic pet ban

Mother of Ohio man killed by bear favors pet ban

3 killed as helicopter crashes, breaks apart on downtown street in Idaho town

3 killed when copter crashes in Idaho downtown

2 killed, 1 injured as helicopter crashes, breaks apart in downtown of Idaho town

2 killed when copter crashes in Idaho downtown

Fatal bear attack highlights Ohio’s lax laws on exotic pets and high number of fatal attacks

Bear attack highlights lax Ohio exotic pet laws

Life since Katrina: Back home or resettled afar, 3 survivors reflect on post-hurricane journey

Life since Katrina: 3 stories of survival

When Hurricane Katrina overwhelmed New Orleans and the surrounding region five years ago, hundreds of thousands of lives were changed forever, in myriad ways. Hundreds died, but even among survivors, many lost all that was familiar. And recovery is a process that still goes on day by day.

Officials: Thousands of fish likely died from seasonal lack of oxygen, not oil spill

Officials: Oil probably didn’t cause fish kill

Researchers say previously unknown microbe thriving by eating spilled oil in Gulf

New microbe discovered eating Gulf oil spill

AP Exclusive: Activists’ video shows SC hounds repeatedly running at chained, declawed bear

Group wants to end setting dogs on chained bears

Family of 24-year-old Ohio man killed by captive bear takes some comfort in animal’s death

Bear who mauled caretaker is put to death in Ohio

Louisiana biologist’s experimental oysters are safe from spill, but can they save an industry?

La. scientist’s oysters safe from oil, but pricey

New study: Oil plume under Gulf surface is big _ 22 miles long _ and likely to survive awhile

Major study charts long-lasting oil plume in Gulf

First oiled turtles released in Gulf after rehab; Scientists say animals have been resilient

First oiled turtles released in Gulf after rehab

Grizzly in maulings that killed Michigan man was in poor condition, had parasites

Grizzly in maulings was stressed, had parasites

HEALTHBEAT: Intense testing under way to assure safety of Gulf seafood following oil spill

‘CSI’ for seafood: Gulf fish gets safety tests

Official: Distress beacon registered to downed plane in Alaska; no alert reported, though

NOAA: Distress beacon registered to Alaska plane

BP’s blown-out well not yet killed; relief well to permanently seal well will be finished

Feds: Relief drilling needed to kill BP’s well

Gulf relief well down to final 100 feet as engineers aim for target smaller than a dartboard

Gulf relief well down to final, tricky 100 feet

Spill chief: BP drilling last 100 feet of relief well meant to shoot final plug into Gulf well

Final plug targeted as BP resumes relief well work

Scientists watching Gulf of Mexico’s blue crabs for evidence that oil is entering food chain

Oiled crabs stoke fears spill is tainting food web

Archaeologists working on American Indian reservation in Mont. uncover ancient bison kill site

Ancient bison kill site uncovered in Montana

With spill fading, Gulf seafood industry tries to shake off its oily image

Gulf seafood industry tries to shake an oily image

Crews wait for cement to dry in final steps to seal blown-out oil well in Gulf of Mexico

Crews wait for cement to dry in Gulf oil well

As efforts ramp up to plug leaking oil, BP retains option of sealing or selling

To seal or sell? BP has options on remaining oil

Officials prepare to inspect ruptured section of pipeline that dumped oil into Michigan river

Officials to inspect ruptured Mich. oil pipeline

AP Enterprise: Survey of scientists reveals faith that Gulf can rebound from BP oil spill

AP Enterprise: Scientists think Gulf can recover

Russian military moves rockets to safety as wildfires continue