Officials in Ames, Iowa, say tap water is safe to drink again, no water restrictions remain

Ames officials say water is safe to drink again

Ames must cut water usage after flooding because conservation efforts are falling short

Ames must conserve to restore water after flooding

Water towers filling in Ames, Iowa, but residents urged to conserve as water crisis persists

Ames water towers filling, but crisis persists

Flooded Iowa city warns residents to use bottled water as it tries to repair burst pipes

Iowa city resigned to bottled water after floods

Flooding in Iowa forces hundreds of residents from their homes, kills 16-year-old girl

Hundreds evacuated, 1 dead after flooding in Iowa

Ames, Iowa Flooding Situation Getting Worse

Iowa teen dies after raging floodwaters swept cars off a road, hundreds evacuated

Iowa teen dies in raging floods as hundreds flee

Flooding kills 1 in Iowa, where hundreds evacuated, Iowa State basketball stadium flooded

Flooding kills 1 in Iowa; hundreds evacuated

Searchers in Iowa recover body of teenage girl swept away by floodwaters east of Des Moines

Searchers find teen’s body in flooded Iowa creek

Ames shuts down water system after main breaks beneath creek; Widespread flooding in Iowa

Ames cuts water supply after main breaks in flood

Iowa floods leave 1 person missing, force hundreds to evacuate; Iowa State arena swamped

Floods leave 1 missing, swamp Iowa State arena

1 person missing since floodwaters swept cars away in Iowa creek; divers on standby

1 person missing in storm-flooded Iowa creek