UK authorities end long legal saga last sentenced in plan to blow up trans-Atlantic airliners

Legal saga ends over plot that changed air travel

Engine maker Honeywell to investigate effects of volcanic ash on jet engines

Effect of volcano on jet engines being tested

Volcanic ash may affect UK flights beginning Sunday, German flights starting on Monday

UK, Germany eye possible ash travel disruptions

Post-mortem of volcano response will reach deep, from science to economy to politics

Europe studies lessons of living with volcanos

Flights resume, but Iceland volcano may herald new element of uncertainty

After ash cloud, uncertainty for airline industry

$2 billion in losses and counting: Recriminations erupt over Europe’s volcanic ash crisis

Recriminations erupt in ash-fueled aviation crisis

Airlines lose $1.7 billion, ask for compensation for losses from over 100,000 canceled flights

Airlines lose $1.7 billion, ash blame game begins

Airlines group says industry lost over $1.7 billion from ash cloud disruptions over Europe

IATA: airlines lost over $1.7BN in ash chaos

Delta Air Lines expects solid second-quarter profit despite European ash cloud disruptions

Ash cloud likely to be just a blip for US airlines

Cheers as some European flights resume but travel chaos not over: More ash drifts over Britain

Flights resume in Europe but travel chaos not over

Yankee hospitality: Americans open homes _ and wallets, and parks _ to stranded travelers

In US, welcome mat goes out for stranded travelers

European countries resume some air travel in zones safe from Icelandic volcano’s ash

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Barcelona taking bus to Italy for 1st leg of Champions League semifinal against Inter Milan

Ash cloud forces Barcelona to take bus to Italy

Air France says its carried out test flight, KLM says its flights passed through ash safely

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Dutch airline KLM says no damage to plane that flew through ash cloud, wants flights resumed

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KLM says no damage to plane that flew through volcanic ash, wants to resume flights

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Spewing anew, volcano keeps Europe land-bound and uncertain of long term under ashy shadow

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FAA says Iceland’s volcanic ash cloud halting, delaying some flights from US to Europe

Volcanic ash cloud disrupting US flights to Europe

Ash cloud from Icelandic volcano disrupts air traffic across Europe, shuts down Heathrow

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Volcano erupts in Iceland, hundreds evacuated, air travel disrupted

Air travel to Iceland disrupted by volcano

Continental Airlines lost $25M from Feb. snowstorms as passenger traffic picked up

Continental Airlines says snowstorms cost $25M

Financial toll may prove otherwise, but snowy February not a logistical nightmare for carriers

Northeast snow halts planes, trains, automobiles

Winter storm cancels hundreds of flights, causes multiple-vehicle crash on Pa. highway

Winter storm disrupts air travel, causes Pa. crash

Huge winter storm cuts power to thousands in Northeast, fans fire and disrupts travel

Huge Eastern storm darkens homes, disrupts travel

A closer look at Friday flight cancellations because of the Southern snowstorm

By-the-number look at Friday airline cancellations

Hundreds of flights canceled; Passengers should check flight status before going to airports

Airlines cancel flights as winter storm hits South

Summary Box: After thousands of cancellations, airlines being aiming for normal

Summary Box: Airlines dig out after storm

DIGGING OUT: Airlines that have canceled thousands of flights this week will begin aiming for a more normal schedule starting Friday.

After thousands of cancelations, airlines will begin aiming for normal schedule on Friday

Airlines seek return to normal service after snow

Editorial Roundup: Excerpts From Recent Editorials in Newspapers in the US and Abroad

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