Parcel bomb detonated outside Greek justice ministry

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ATHENS - Greek counter-terrorism police detonated a suspicious parcel addressed to the ministry of justice Wednesday, amid fears that there could be a new round of terrorism attacks in Greece, local media reports said.

The controlled explosion occurred at the entrance of the building at a park near a central Athens metro station. Nearby is the ministry of citizen’s protection, where a booby-trapped parcel addressed to the minister exploded last summer, killing a police officer.

According to early information by Greek television channels which interrupted their programmes, no injuries have been reported from Wednesday’s explosion, reported Xinuha Wednesday.

Counter-terrorism experts still have not verified whether the suspicious parcel actually contained a bomb device.

According to unconfirmed local media reports, Wednesday’s package was addressed to Minister of Justice Haris Kastanidis supposedly by the “Independent Initiative of Young Lawyers”.

A string of parcel bombs was sent to foreign embassies in Athens and dignitaries abroad, shocking Greece and alarming European authorities last November.

Two youths arrested for these attacks are currently on trial in Athens.

Greek authorities fear a new wave of attacks by Greek militants in solidarity with the persons on trial.

–IANS/RIA Novosti

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