Lahore incident: US consulate vehicle number plate found fake

Friday, January 28, 2011

LAHORE - The number plate of the US consulate vehicle that knocked down and killed a motorcyclist as it sped to help an American employee who had shot dead two youths in Lahore has been found to be fake, a probe has revealed.

The US consulate vehicle that killed motorcyclist Abdur Rehman carried a fake number plate, sources told Geo News Friday.

Investigations have revealed that the car number was actually registered in the name of Sufi Munawwar Hussain, a resident of Sahiwal district in Punjab province.

David Raymond, an employee of the US consulate in Lahore, shot dead two youths, while a third was crushed by the driver of the vehicle who was called by him for help Thursday.

Raymond told the police that the two armed motorcyclists tried to rob him. He chased them and opened fire at them near Chowk Qartaba, Daily Times reported.

One of the motorcyclists died on the spot while the other died in a hospital.

After shooting the duo, Raymond called for help and a US consulate vehicle rushed to assist him.

The media report said that violating one-way traffic law, the driver hit a motorcyclist, who died on the spot. The vehicle then sped away.

One of the shooting victims has been identified as Faizan.

A police source said that Faizans brother was murdered some time ago after which he started carrying a weapon for self-defence.

Faizan’s distraught relatives said he had never been involved in any crime and dismissed the Americans story as a pack of lies.

Police registered a case against Raymond late Thursday, while a case was registered against unidentified people at the behest of Rehman’s brother Ijaz.

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