Woman who stole baby says she did it to save her marriage

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Santiago (Dominican Republic), Jan 18 (IANS/EFE) A Dominican woman who was arrested for kidnapping a 25-day-old baby said she committed the crime “to give a child” to her sterile husband and avoid a separation, authorities said.

The accused, identified as Altagracia Disneris Reyes Rodriguez, 22, stole the baby last Friday in the town of San Jose de las Matas, in the northern province of Santiago.

She said Monday after being arrested that her husband, 27-year-old Manuel Rodriguez Adames, yearned to have a child, but since he is sterile she decided to kidnap a baby “to bring happiness” to their home.

Disneris said her husband’s desire to become a father had led them, by mutual consent, to have her become pregnant by another man, but she had a miscarriage seven months into the pregnancy.

She said that someone told her that in San Jose de las Matas there was a woman who had given birth and that after locating her Disneris went to her house promising to help her take care of the baby.

Disneris said the parents of the newborn, Julian Rodriguez and Modesta de Jesus Torres, trusted her and that when the couple were not paying attention she made off with the baby and took the child home with her.

She told police investigators that when she arrived at her house in the Bella Vista sector of Santiago, she called her husband and told him “that everything worked out fine and that there would be no more sadness or problems at home”.

However, her husband warned her, according to what she told police, that “if this is discovered and the police catch you, don’t put me in the middle, because if you do that I’ll kill one of your sisters”.

Police have also arrested Rodriguez Adames.


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