Men urinate on 75-year-old woman in Britain

Thursday, September 2, 2010

LONDON - Two men urinated on a 75-year-old woman in Britain when she objected to their behaviour, which included relieving themselves in the stairwell and having sex in the public area of her apartment, a media report said Thursday.

Jean Gausden, a pensioner, had endured years of hell as the men had been boozing and having sex in communal areas of her block of flats and leaving it covered in urine, vomit and excrement, according to Daily Mirror.

Unmarried Jean said: “I was walking up the stairs and there were two lads urinating. I said to them, ‘You filthy swines’. They turned and aimed at me, leaving me soaking, then they swore at me to get back in my flat.

“I couldn’t believe it. It was disgusting. They have no respect for anyone, let alone an old lady who doesn’t like what they are doing and tells them so.”

Her neighbours in Sheffield, north England, have also suffered the same nauseating ordeal, the report said.

“What happened to Jean wouldn’t be the first time they’ve urinated on someone. They have done it to me from over the bannisters,” said one of her neighbours.

“On most nights there are kids hanging around in the stairwell, smoking, throwing up and urinating.” A third resident, club bouncer Samadar Osman, 22, said: “I’ve reported it to police 20 times but they don’t come.”

Jean, who has spent 38 years in the council home, said: “It has been different groups over the years but the problem is continuing and it is getting me down.”

Police and housing chiefs claim there is too little evidence to take action against any individuals. But Sgt Matt Wooding said: “We’re providing extra patrols in the area”.

Sheffield Homes, the arm of the council that runs the flats, said: “We’ve taken appropriate action at this block. We work very closely with Miss Gausden.”

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