American Airlines Awarding Free Air Miles To Haiti Fund Contributors

By Naiwrita, Gaea News Network
Thursday, January 14, 2010

TEXAS, ( The parent company of the American Airlines, AMR Corps, has declared that the American Airlines would be awarding free air miles to Haiti fund contributors. The contributions would be made to the Red Cross, the international relief and charity organization. Besides, the American Airlines and their sister concern, the American Eagles, have also taken on the responsibility of carrying the food and water and other relief items. Along with them there are also other concerns that are lending a helping hand to the calamity struck zone of Haiti.

The American Airlines would be awarding free air miles to the Haiti fund contributors on the basis of the amount of the donations. According to the authorities, those donors who would be contributing the amount of $50 or more, would be getting a free 250 miles. On the other hand, those who would be donating more than or $100, would be awarded about 500 free miles. The scheme would be open till the Feb. 28. Besides incorporating this program, the American Airlines and the American Eagles have also joined the other concerns in their bid to provide earthquake relief to Haiti.

The planes of the American Eagle flew to the capital of Port-au-Prince on Wednesday with about 30,000 pounds of victuals and other relief items that are non-perishable. Three such flights are scheduled to take place on Thursday and Friday. All in all, the idea of the American Airlines to award free air miles to Haiti fund contributors is not only noble, it is also innovative, and, needless to say, totally inspiring. By awarding free air miles to the Haiti fund contributors, they would be able to make sure that a large number of people contribute to the cause of the relief of the earthquake victims.

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